Environment Promise



Every aspect of the Scanline process is optimised to ensure we are environmentally responsible, in turn, ensuring your business is also taking advantage of our commitment

Scanline holds the required EPA licenses for all States in which it operates, and is accredited by the Australian Renderer’s Association in Quality Assurance and HACCP.

As a certified member of the Australian Renderers Association we comply with national standards for recycling of used cooking oils intended for animal feeds.

Minimise waste sent to landfill

From early in the process our oil storage systems minimise the amount of waste your business is sending to landfill.

Regular equipment servicing

All Scanline collection equipment, including our trucks, are serviced and inspected regularly to minimise leakage and environmental contamination.

Ensure auditability

All collections are recorded to ensure compliance, and to provide traceability.

Post Collection Processing

After collection, your used cooking oil is processed and cleaned by Scanline, before being sent for further processing to producers of Biodiesel and to stockfeed manufacturers for blending into feed for livestock. Other end uses of your waste oil include industrial soap and concrete ‘releasant’ mixture. Potential uses also include an alternative for household heating oil, blast furnace oil, and a dust suppressant when building roads, mining, or drilling.

Good for the Environment

All of these products make valuable use of a waste product that would otherwise be seen as an environmental contaminate.