Six Trends for 2018

Six Trends Foodservice Operators Need to Know

Unmistakably conditions in foodservice industry are in a constant state of change. Foodservice operators are to anticipate many more challenges in upcoming years, labour shortages to the financial atmosphere.

Here are 6 key trends to be anticipated in the foodservice industry;

Labour Shortage

The talent shortage and increasing minimum wage are just a few blows which are to be expected. According to Technomic, labour costs are expected to rise 50 to 100 percent in the next five to seven years.


Increased Competition

With virtually unlimited food options and multiple Fast Food restaurants, competition is forecasted to rise rapidly. A notable trend is the rise of meal kits and prepared meals which makes it easier and faster for consumers.


Strict Regulations

Food safety, storage and disposal will be key areas to expect strict regulations. With more consumers opting to eat at foodservice venues, pressure towards maintaining food safety is increasing.


Smarter Kitchens

The need to work smarter will be pushing restaurant operators to invest towards innovation. Critical industry requirement would be to work smarter not harder. Investments towards automation is likely to be the key trend.


Big Data Domination

Big data is not a new term for operators. It is, however, something that should be heavily implemented in upcoming years if restaurants want to boost efficiencies, sales and food quality.


Safer Kitchens

Safety won’t be taken lightly next year. It’s critical to understand areas of risks to implement accident prevention by staff training, proper safety equipment, updated appliances and walkway protocols.


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